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EASE Treasures by Namita Purohit

Personal Power Bracelet

Personal Power Bracelet

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Embrace confidence, freedom & fearlessness for bold action.

It gives you strength & courage to achieve your big goals and face any challenge.

Wear it everyday. You don't have to live in fear anymore. No more shrinking yourself to fit in. No more shying away from big action.

How does the crystal combination help you? I have designed it with three major stones added in equal measure.

The Red Jade/ Carnelian (depending on the availability) will strengthen your root chakra(muladhara) and sacral chakra(swadhishthana) to help you feel secure and fearless. It will also strengthen your bones, legs and blood circulation. Physical strength helps one in easily accessing their personal power for thier big goals.

The Black Onyx also strengthens the root chakra (muladhara). It is as a powerful protection stone. It symbolizes strength, perseverance, and the ability to overcome challenges. It absorbs negative energy and provides emotional and physical strength to its wearer.

The Tiger's eye balances and empowers the solar plexus (manipura) chakra. The manipura chakra is the seat of personal poer, confidence, the material identity and getting things done. It helps people make decisions, reach their goals and tap into deeper lelevls of consciousness. Tigers Eye becomes a powerful cataylst for dramatic transformation & growth. 

What's next?  To enhance the bracelet's effectiveness you must transcend limiting thought patterns, past trauma, anger, envy, fear & resentment. Consider joining the Self-Mastery Academy to iron out different areas of your life or the Self-Love 8 week Course to help you. And i you are dealing with Narcissistic abuse, download my free worksheet to help you jumpstart your healing journey. 

Care Instructions  Please cleanse and energize it before wearing it for the first time - instructions hereTo maintain its energetic potency, it's important to cleanse and charge your crystal bracelet regularly. Depending on how often you wear it, consider performing this process weekly or monthly.

Shipping: FREE SHIPPING anywhere in India. Package will reach you in 7 days.

Return Policy No returns. No exchanges, No refunds

Charity Contributions A portion of the purchase you make at the EASE Treasures store contributes to our meaningful charitable initiatives like shastra dana, vidya dana, jala dana, go seva, anna dana and more.

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