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EASE Treasures by Namita Purohit

Confident Communicator Bracelet

Confident Communicator Bracelet

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Communicate your truth with confidence, inner clarity & love

No more blocks in your communication. Speak assertively and pleasingly to benefit yourself and others.

Wear it everyday & all the time. By opening your communication, you will have no more trapped emotional energy disturbing you. You will communicate your boundaries, ask for what you want fearlessly, communicaet your disagreements with respect and get what you want. You will hold your ground in team meetings and come across as a confident leader.

How does the crystal combination help you? I have designed it with Lapiz Lazuli being the major stone. It will heal & open up your throat chakra (Visuddhi Chakra) making it easy for you to access your creative ideas and communicate with confidence. I have also added the Rose Quartz to help you hold yourself in a self-loving space even when people disagree with you or conversations do not go in a positive way. It will keep you calm as you make difficult conversations with people. The Tiger's eye energizes your solar plexus, your center of personal power and confidence much needed for communication. I have also added an Amethyst to help you stay calm and access the wsidom coming from your ajna chakra as you become the greatest communicator of all times.

What's next?  To enhance the bracelet's effectiveness you must transcend limiting thought patterns, past trauma, anger, envy, fear & resentment. Consider joining the Self-Mastery Academy to iron out different areas of your life or the Self-Love 8 week Course to help you. And i you are dealing with Narcissistic abuse, download my free worksheet to help you jumpstart your healing journey. 

Care Instructions  Please cleanse and energize it before wearing it for the first time - instructions hereTo maintain its energetic potency, it's important to cleanse and charge your crystal bracelet regularly. Depending on how often you wear it, consider performing this process weekly or monthly.

Shipping: FREE SHIPPING anywhere in India. Package will reach you in 7 days.

Return Policy No returns. No exchanges, No refunds

Charity Contributions A portion of the purchase you make at the EASE Treasures store contributes to our meaningful charitable initiatives like shastra dana, vidya dana, jala dana, go seva, anna dana and more.

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